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20 Rolling Tips for BJJ Gi and No Gi

This summary outlines key BJJ Rolling tips with Gi and No Gi, strategies:

  1. Guard Position: Instead of lying on your back in guard, sit on your butt. This position allows for easier grip taking as the opponent approaches, enabling you to grab the collar and sleeve quickly.
  2. Inside Control: Maintaining toe engagement on the mat while in side control is crucial. This allows you to drive into your opponent, making it harder for them to escape.
  3. Trapping Arms: Focus on trapping your opponent’s arms to facilitate submissions. For example, blocking an opponent’s hand with your foot can make securing a grip for a paper cutter choke easier.
  4. Control Legs in Sweeps: Always control your opponent’s legs during a sweep to prevent them from standing up. This makes it impossible for them to regain their footing.
  5. Breaking Grips: It’s essential to break grips that hinder your intended movements, like in sweeps.
  6. Taking Grips: Grips are vital for control, whether you are on top or bottom. Lack of grips can lead to easy sweeps by the opponent.
  7. Escaping Leg Locks: The key to escaping leg locks is to clear the knee line. Once your knee is free, you are almost entirely out of danger.
  8. Hand Positioning: Avoid placing your hands on the mat as this leaves you vulnerable to attacks and limits your control over your opponent.
  9. Resisting Sweeps/Takedowns: Always fight against being swept or taken down. Regaining your position prevents the opponent from scoring in a tournament.
  10. Head Control: Never allow your opponent to grab your head. Control over the head often leads to control over the entire body.
  11. Preventing Inside Position: Defend the space between your armpit and knee, and your shoulder and neck. This prevents opponents from gaining control for attacks like chokes and back takes.
  12. T-Rex Arms: Keep your elbows close to your body to prevent opponents from taking underhooks or controlling your head.
  13. Underhooks: These are almost always beneficial for a variety of offensive maneuvers, from back takes to sweeps.
  14. Path of Least Resistance: Be adaptable in your approach, opting for the least resisted path to execute techniques more efficiently.
  15. Fighting Chokes: When being choked, the primary focus should be to fight the hands and protect your neck.
  16. Winning Scrambles: Keep your hips higher than your opponent’s to win scrambles. This gives you a positional advantage.
  17. Butt Position: Keep your butt down for a low center of gravity, making it harder for opponents to sweep you. However, lifting your hips fully can also be effective.
  18. Loading Opponent’s Hips: Get your opponent’s weight onto your hips, making them lighter and easier to manipulate or sweep.
  19. Using Wedges: Utilize your feet as wedges to pry out stuck limbs or break grips.
  20. Breaking Posture in Guard: Focus on breaking your opponent’s posture when they are in your guard to limit their mobility and set up attacks.

These tips emphasize the importance of positioning, grip control, and strategic thinking in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

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