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BJJ Fanatics videos

Are BJJ Fanatics Videos Worth it? Learn BJJ Online FREE

Should I pay for BJJ videos from platforms like BJJ Fanatics? Are the BJJ videos by BJJ fanatics worth it?

First: When it comes to BJJ Fanatics videos, there’s no denying their worth. However, shelling out the full price for all of them might not always be necessary. My advice? Keep a close watch on their “Daily Deals” page, and remember that you can often combine these deals with a coupon code for even more savings.

Second: Before I discovered BJJ Fanatics, my go-to recommendation was Grapplers Guide. Honestly, it might be the only instructional you ever need.

Third: But before you dive into purchasing instructional programs, why not make the most of the wealth of free content available on YouTube? There’s a lot out there if you know where to look.

BJJ Fanatics videos worth it

Here’s a roadmap I suggest for your BJJ journey:

First Month

  1. Start with Rener Gracie’s “Six BJJ Techniques for Beginners” and then Two More Beginner Techniques.
  2. Bruce Hoyer’s “Mindset for Learning Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu” is a great mindset booster.
  3. Don’t miss Stephan Kesting’s “A Roadmap for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu” and “16 Most Important Techniques for the BJJ Beginner.”
  4. For some solid defensive skills, check out Chris Paines’ “How to Defend Everything.”
  5. And for when you’re training solo, John Danaher’s “Solo BJJ Training Drills” are a gem.

First Year

  1. In your first year, Rory van Vliet’s “How to Suck As Little As Possible: An Introduction to BJJ” is invaluable.
  2. Get the fundamentals right with Matt Serra’s “BJJ Basics.”
  3. John B. Will’s “36 Core Techniques” are essential.
  4. Nick “Chewy” Albin’s “White Belt Tips” provide some solid advice.
  5. Dive into the Gracie Barra Fundamentals Curriculum for a well-rounded foundation.
  6. And if you’re considering an investment, John Danaher’s “GO FURTHER FASTER” series (look for discounts) is worth it.

High White/Blue Belt

  1. As you progress, John Danaher’s “ENTER THE SYSTEM” (again, look for discounts) is next-level.
  2. The Gracie Barra Advanced Curriculum will challenge and refine your skills.
  3. Cesar Gracie’s “Gi-Less Jiu-Jitsu” is intriguing and effective.
  4. Carlos Machado’s instructional series, including “The Machado Method,” “Infinite Jiu-Jitsu,” and “Mount Escapes and Guard Passes,” will take your game to the next level.
  5. For some invisible jiu-jitsu secrets, Braulio Estima’s “Invisible Jiu-Jitsu – Guard Control” and “Invisible Jiu-Jitsu – Side Control” are a revelation.
  6. Firas Zahabi and Karel “Silver Fox” Pravec’s “BJJ Techniques” offer diverse insights.
  7. Richard Salamone’s “BJJ Wrestling Plan” can elevate your ground game.
  8. And Nick Gwiazdowski’s “Winning Mat Wrestling,” Volumes 1 and Volume 2, will boost your takedown skills.

BJJ Fanatics Video Review

Diving into the world of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) and absorbing the wisdom of skilled practitioners is a journey filled with arduous training, sweat-soaked gis, and the ever-evolving mastery of techniques. The digital realm opens up a dojo of boundless knowledge, with platforms like BJJ Fanatics leading the charge. 

The platform is hailed for its extensive repository of instructional videos, shedding light on the meticulous art of grappling, and serving as a beacon for the BJJ community. However, is the glimmer of BJJ Fanatics’ videos bright enough to merit a spot in your martial arts arsenal?

The enthusiasm surrounding BJJ Fanatics is quite palpable. The platform has been praised for its instructional content, where seasoned practitioners, newbies, and everyone in between can find a treasure trove of techniques to hone their skills. 

Some Customer reviews of BJJ Fanatics videos

A reviewer mentions that BJJ Fanatics is an “awesome resource for BJJ instructionals” and provides a list of top 10 instructional videos crafted by revered instructors in the domain​​. Another testimonial from the martial arts realm reflects a rating of 4.1 stars out of 5 on Sitejabber, with customers expressing satisfaction, particularly appreciating the customer service​. A wanderer of the grappling path recommends Lachlan Giles’ instructional videos for their exceptional value on BJJ Fanatics, and praises other instructors like Pritt Mikhelson and Neil Melanson for their unique approaches to teaching BJJ​3​.

BJJ Fanatics TrustPilot

However, not all echoes through the grappling vine are harmonious. There are murmurs of dissatisfaction, stemming from what some describe as “very pricey” offerings and less than stellar customer service experiences​​. 

A survey of user satisfaction reveals a mix of reactions, with a 28.8% positive experience alongside a 71.2% negative experience based on an analysis of over 3,000 reviews​​.

BJJ Fanatics videos free

The commercial aspect of BJJ Fanatics unravels a pricing model laden with discounts, where instructional videos can be acquired on a one-off basis. Their pricing strategy, often veiled in discounts, tends to have the allure of a bargain with small site-wide sales and larger discounts during holiday seasons​​. 

Yet, this approach might have the potential of being a double-edged sword, as the discounts could be seen as a necessity due to the initially high pricing.

Any Instructor Can Sell on BJJ Fanatics

One of the appealing facets of BJJ Fanatics is the freedom it accords to instructors to share their knowledge. 

Any instructor can sell their instructional videos on the platform, with a revenue-sharing model that ensures they receive 50% of the revenue generated from their content, possibly more for best-selling instructors​​. 

This democratic approach fosters a diverse range of instructional videos, catering to various styles and techniques within BJJ.

So are BJJ Fanatics Videos Worth It?

The verdict? BJJ Fanatics emerges as a substantial resource for the BJJ community, adorned with a plethora of instructional videos from acclaimed instructors. It’s a platform where the seeds of grappling knowledge are sown, nurtured, and reaped by those keen on mastering the art. 

However, the path to knowledge is not without its tolls, as the pricing might deter some seekers, and the customer service experience might leave a few stones unturned. In the grand scheme, the essence of BJJ Fanatics resonates with most, with the caveat of a commercial veil that one needs to navigate. 

All the links provided above are free and have provided me with the means to improve my BJJ Game.

Don’t forget to also check our guide for all the BJJ equipment you need as a beginner.

Last tip, if you are looking to pay for some courses, I have to shout out my man Daniel Strauss and the Ape Academy. His online bjj instructional videos are detailed, unique, and very affordable.

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