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Best of Reddit BJJ: The Best BJJ Community

Full-Time Athletes: Reddit BJJ Fueling the Grind

In the boundless community of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) enthusiasts on Reddit, a user by the username ktantone shared their newfound opportunity of training at one of the highest level gyms in the country. 

With a university placement nearby and evenings free, ktantone plunged into a rigorous training schedule, attending two evening classes from Monday to Thursday, one on Friday, and considering an open mat session on Saturdays. However, the demanding routine sparked a question that resonated with many: how do full-time athletes or avid trainees fuel their bodies to sustain such intensity?

The query unravelled a thread of shared experiences and tips from the BJJ Reddit community. Amidst humorous remarks, the essence of a balanced diet intertwined with a stringent training routine emerged. 

Reddit BJJ

One user summarily advised, “Eat a shitton, lift a shitton, run a shitton, then shit a shitton,” adding a comedic tone to the earnest discussion. Another user, shieldss5150, chimed in with a simple yet crucial addendum, “And sleep a shitton,” highlighting the importance of rest in an athlete’s routine.

A more detailed response came from StrookCookie, who delineated a dietary blueprint for those engrossed in a taxing physical routine. StrookCookie recommended a gram of protein per pound of lean body weight, a mix of fast and slow carbs, gut-friendly fiber, and a good mix of fats. They also shared their personal challenge of keeping their gut happy while digesting more food volume, suggesting fiber, electrolytes, and B vitamins as helpful supplements.

The thread mirrored a common concern amongst BJJ practitioners and athletes, shedding light on the delicate balance between rigorous training and adequate nutrition. The camaraderie and willingness to share knowledge encapsulate the supportive essence of the Reddit BJJ community, making it a treasure trove of firsthand insights for anyone treading the path of martial arts.

Reddit BJJ, If Gordon Ryan was 77kg: A Hypothetical Scenario

On Reddit BJJ, bjayjay95 sparked a vibrant discussion by imagining a scenario where Gordon Ryan, a prominent figure in the BJJ community, competes in the 77kg weight class, typically seen as a fiercely competitive division in ADCC. 

The query was centered around comparing the technical abilities of Gordon Ryan with top-tier athletes like Kade Ruotolo and Mica Galvao if size and strength were equalized. The conversation veered into humorous hypotheticals, with users like xlobsterx suggesting Gordon should lose muscle to fight at lower weights, while others jestingly discussed drastic measures like leg amputation for weight reduction​​

Best Match to Showcase BJJ: Reddit BJJ

When it comes to elucidating the essence of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) to a novice, a visual demonstration can be impactful. On Reddit, RAMBAM369 queried about the most engaging BJJ match to showcase, igniting a conversation filled with recommendations​​. 

The consensus leaned towards matches involving Garry Tonon of New Wave Jiu Jitsu, known for his captivating grappling style. Matches such as Tonon versus Paul Harris or Tonon against Kron Gracie were notable mentions, embodying the thrilling yet technical spirit of BJJ, providing a splendid introductory spectacle for newcomers​​.

Letting Newer White Belts Work: Nurturing the Novices

In the thriving ecosystem of BJJ practitioners on Reddit, RunescapeNerd96 ignited a discussion on finding the right balance between being a challenging and nurturing opponent for newer white belts during rolls. The discourse revealed a communal ethos of adaptability. 

Dingletron, Tolkienboutit, and others shared that their approach adjusts based on the newbie’s demeanor – a calm attempt at learning warrants a gentler response, while a reckless attitude might call for a more controlling counterplay.

bjj reddit bjj white belt

This thread encapsulates the community’s nurturing spirit, emphasizing the importance of fostering a conducive learning environment for novices while ensuring a fair challenge for seasoned practitioners​​.

Real World BJJ: A Mature Perspective from Reddit BJJ

UnitedShift5232 initiated a discussion among the 35+ demographic on Reddit BJJ, inquiring about the practical application of BJJ in real-world self-defense scenarios. 

The contemplation was not only about the efficacy of BJJ in self-defense but also weighed the risks and benefits of training, especially for those in low-crime areas and with injury concerns. 

The dialogue also veered towards alternative physical activities that offer similar benefits to BJJ but with a lower injury risk. 

An amusing but insightful comment from raspberryharbour, a 74-year-old user, encapsulates the proactive essence of self-defense, emphasizing a pre-emptive approach to ensure personal safety​​.

A Farewell to R BJJ: A Heartfelt Departure

In a touching narrative on Reddit BJJ, user weirdbeardedperson shared their farewell to the art after a decade of training, prompted by their child’s critical health condition requiring a heart transplant. 

The thread flourished with empathetic responses, emphasizing the profound personal and communal dimensions of BJJ. 

Users like KeeOverlord, RordenGracie, and VeryStab1eGenius extended heartfelt wishes, underscoring the community’s supportive nature, demonstrating the intricate balance between personal commitments and the passion for BJJ​​.

A Profound Night: The Multifaceted Impact of R BJJ

In a heartfelt recount on Reddit, DavidAg02 narrates a night that underlined the deeper layers of BJJ. First, the harrowing experience of witnessing a young trainee’s seizure during his class brought the fragile line between the sport and life into sharp focus. 

Later, a chance encounter with a former student at a pizzeria led to a nostalgic and hopeful discussion about the past and future. 

The juxtaposition of fear, responsibility, and the enduring bonds formed through BJJ left a lasting imprint, showcasing the sport’s profound impact beyond the mats​​.

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