BJJ Reddit Hard Truths About BJJ

BJJ Reddit Hard Truths about BJJ

BJJ reddit hard truths about Jiu-Jitsu.

If you are not familiar with /r/BJJ and you are a BJJ hobbyist, you should probably go and check out the reddit community for the sport. It is filled with all kinds of people who share the same interests in the sport.

People from all walks of life have found solitude and commonalities in the sport they like to practice, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Reddit BJJ Comments: Hard Truths

The hard truths will cover a range of topics so lets categorise them bellow:

Lack of communication in BJJ training

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At the top of the list, communication. The hard truth here is that a lack of effective communication with training partners and within the r/BJJ community can lead to 90% of personal drama and issues in the sport. Clear and open communication is essential in avoiding misunderstandings, resolving conflicts, and fostering a positive training environment in BJJ. Miscommunication can lead to unnecessary conflicts and disputes among practitioners.

Taking training to seriously – BJJ Reddit Hard Truths

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Please God, let every man hear this.

I’m just here to have fun and learn and get better. Stop trying to break my arm everytime we roll. Some people act like they are fighting for their lives on the mats, this is a competition mentality.

A lot of people have this mentality even though they are just hobbyists, so, to the hobbyists, calm down. You don’t need to put your BJJ training partner at risk of injury. Settle your mind.

BJJ Reddit Hard Truths – Body Injuries are common

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The hard truth here is that BJJ can have a significant physical toll on your body over time. The rigorous training, repetitive movements, and intense sparring can lead to various injuries and strain on the body. Inevitably, the physical demands of BJJ can take a toll on practitioners, potentially causing long-term damage or chronic issues if not managed carefully. This highlights the importance of injury prevention, proper conditioning, and listening to your body in BJJ training.

Please don’t forget to stretch before and after every class, I cannot stress the importance of stretching enough.

bjj reddit hard truths

Let go of the ego in BJJ training

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Some white belts can seriously challenge and beat higher-ranked folks. So, it’s essential to drop your ego and stay humble in BJJ.

Also, don’t be discouraged if you are beaten by a lower belt, especially a white belt. You don’t know their story, maybe they did wrestling in college, maybe they have a natural gift. Maybe, just maybe, they are a black belt posing as a white belt. You never know so just enjoy your time and move on.

If you want to get good at BJJ train less – The BJJ Reddit Hard Truths

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So the hard truth here is that not enough BJJ hobbyist go to the gym out side of training. This means that they are not building their core strengths.

BJJ on its own can make you ripped, but without isolating muscles and focusing on specific weight training, you will not be all rounded.

Be hygienic, wash your Gi and Belts

You train for an hour and a half, you better go straight home and wash that sweat riddled Gi. Chuck your belt in the wash with it too! Most people forget to wash their belt or don’t think it needs it.

Well it does, your training partner is too polite to tell you that you stink.

If you can’t get rid of the smell from your Gi then it is time to get a new Gi. One of the best BJJ gi’s can be found on amazon for your convenience.


I discussed several hard truths about Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) as presented in Reddit comments. These truths include:

  1. The significance of effective communication to avoid personal drama in BJJ.
  2. The physical toll that BJJ can take on the body over time.
  3. The fact that belt color doesn’t always reflect a practitioner’s ability.
  4. The importance of humility and dropping one’s ego in BJJ.
  5. The potential benefits of lifting weights alongside BJJ training.
  6. The necessity of incorporating real-world self-defense skills into BJJ.
  7. The observation that some BJJ teaching methods prioritize business success over athletic development.

These hard truths collectively provide valuable insights for those involved in BJJ, encouraging a balanced and informed approach to training, emphasizing practical skills, and promoting humility and respect within the BJJ community.

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