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daniel strauss bj the raspberry ape

Daniel Strauss: BJJ ‘The Raspberry Ape’ Grip King

Daniel Strauss is a BJJ blackbelt, let’s dive into his professional BJJ career.

Daniel Strauss aka The Raspberry Ape

From the quaint town of Arkley, emerged a giant in the realm of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ). Daniel Strauss, or as he is well known in the BJJ community, ‘The Raspberry Ape’.

Our journeys began together in the halls of St Albans Boys School, where the early inklings of his martial arts prowess were evident. We shared laughs, conversations, and the daily bus ride. However, it was the latter providing us an avenue to discuss life’s trivialities and profound subjects alike. Yet, it was his earnest fascination with martial arts that often dominated our conversations. Specifically, conversations about nun chucks and samurai swords

At a young age, Dan Strauss was drawn towards the discipline and the competitive spirit that martial arts instilled. His dedication was apparent to everyone who knew him, and it didn’t take long for him to delve into the world of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, a realm where he would eventually etch his name in gold.

daniel strauss aka the raspberry ape

The Genesis of Daniel Strauss aka ‘The Raspberry Ape’

Dan’s journey into the world of BJJ began earnestly. Under the tutelage of revered mentors, he honed his skills, dedicating countless hours on the mat. His natural athleticism paired with an unyielding resolve, saw him rise through the ranks swiftly. It wasn’t long before the BJJ community took notice of his prowess, earning him the moniker ‘The Raspberry Ape’, a name that resonated with his fierce yet playful nature on the mat.

His colossal frame, paired with an uncanny grip strength, made him a formidable adversary. His matches were nothing short of spectacles, displaying a blend of technique, strength, and an indomitable will. The Raspberry Ape was not just a nickname; it was a testament to his unique style and tenacity.

Daniel Strauss’ Black Belt Epiphany

Achieving a black belt in BJJ was not just a milestone for Daniel, it was an affirmation of his dedication and skill. The black belt around his waist was more than just a symbol of his mastery. It was a narrative of the arduous journey, the sweat, and the camaraderie.

It was during this phase that Danial Strauss ventured beyond competition, embracing the ethos of teaching and sharing his knowledge. His venture, Ape Academy, became a sanctum for aspiring BJJ practitioners. The Academy is a conduit for Dan to pass on his passion and expertise to the next generation.

The Legacy of the Grip King Daniel Strauss

The tale of Danial Strauss is not just about a lad from St Albans who grew into a BJJ maestro. It’s a narrative filled with grit, perseverance, and the eternal student’s spirit. His legacy is not merely tethered to his black belt or the numerous accolades but is enshrined in the lives of those he has mentored, the BJJ community he has enriched, and the unyielding spirit of ‘The Raspberry Ape’ that continues to inspire.

Daniel Strauss aka the raspberry ape grip training

Firstly, his story is a testament to the indomitable spirit that resides within us, waiting for an avenue to flourish, to conquer. Not just our adversaries but our fears and insecurities. Secondly, as I recount the days spent in the company of The Raspberry Ape, the jests shared on the school bus, the early days of grappling with life’s challenges, I am reminded of the profound impact of companionship, mentorship, and the relentless pursuit of excellence.

Today, Danial Strauss’s name resonates through the halls of BJJ academies, a living testament to the essence of martial arts – a journey of self-discovery, mastery, and the unyielding quest to evolve, to be better than we were yesterday.

daniel strauss bjj instagram

His instagram account has gained a massive following (over 100k) due to the unique nature of his grip training exercises. Daniel is famous for homemade gym equipment and techniques. He has proven that you do not need cutting edge gym equipment to get the very best out of your workouts. In fact, he has proven that you can get MORE out of your workouts without the standard gym equipment.

This is not just the story of Daniel Strauss, the ‘Raspberry Ape’, it is a narrative of how a humble lad from St Albans transcended the ordinary, inspiring many like myself to venture beyond the known, to grapple with life’s adversities, and emerge victorious.

daniel strauss home made grip training bjj

Daniel Strauss’ Quest for BJJ Mastery

The crucible of Daniel’s metamorphosis into ‘The Raspberry Ape’ can be traced back to his rigorous training days under the aegis of 10x World Champion Roger Gracie. However, this wasn’t merely a mentorship; it was a passage to refining his raw vigor into a force revered in the BJJ dominion. 

Under Roger’s discerning eye, Dan’s technique flourished, assimilating a legacy of finesse and ferocity that would hallmark his grappling style. This tutelage, fused with his unyielding mettle, carved the path for his ascent in the challenging echelons of BJJ, encapsulating the essence of the adage – a true master is an eternal student.

Polaris BJJ Competition: Daniel Strauss

The Polaris Professional Jiu-Jitsu Invitational provided a grand stage for ‘The Raspberry Ape’ to showcase his prowess against seasoned fighters. On a brisk Saturday evening, September 12, 2015, at Polaris 2, Daniel faced off against AJ Agazarm, a duel that showcased a fusion of strategy and strength culminating in a draw. As a result, the event solidified his stature as a formidable contender in the BJJ circuit.

Fast forward to August 19, 2017, Daniel once again stepped onto the Polaris 5 mat. This time locking horns with Jake Shields. Despite the match ending in a loss for Strauss, his relentless spirit and tenacity were in full display, etching a narrative of perseverance that resonates with every aspiring grappler. Through each engagement, Daniel Strauss exhibited the essence of BJJ— a relentless quest for mastery, resilience in the face of adversity, and the indomitable spirit of a warrior.

Nurturing the Next New Wave Jiu Jitsu

With over 16 years of teaching experience, Daniel Strauss has extended his expertise to over 250 gyms worldwide through seminars. His pragmatic and straightforward coaching style accelerates students’ progress, earning accolades from elite athletes. 

Daniel believes that honing strength and skills empowers individuals to lead remarkable lives. Each course he designs embodies this ethos, a testament to his unwavering dedication to nurturing the next new wave of BJJ enthusiasts and helping them unlock their fullest potential​

Daniel Strauss BJJ Online Courses

Dan shares his knowledge through online BJJ courses at the Ape Academy. Consequently, his courses are nothing short of a masterstroke for BJJ trainers. The ‘Guillotine Masterclass’ is one such gem that empowers students to hone an elite-level guillotine game. This is a skill Dan has refined over numerous global competitions. His mantra is to transform his disciples into ‘that guillotine guy’ at their gyms, a testament to the effectiveness of his teaching.

In another course, Daniel tackles the often overlooked yet crucial aspect of grip strength. With over 75 minutes of detailed instruction, he unveils techniques to augment grip strength, irrespective of one’s access to gym equipment​​.

Each session is a voyage towards not only mastering the grip but also understanding the essence of control in BJJ. Through these courses, ‘The Raspberry Ape’ ensures that the legacy of precision, strength, and tactical acumen in BJJ continues to thrive in the hearts and minds of the new generation of grapplers.

Daniel Strauss Runs The Raspberry Ape Podcast

Stepping beyond the mats, Daniel Strauss engages with the martial arts community through ‘The Raspberry Ape Podcast‘. Every episode is an invitation into the diverse experiences and insights of individuals deeply rooted in the martial arts world.

A notable session is the dialogue with Neil Adams. Neil is a judo legend and the most decorated British Judo competitor of all time. Their conversation traverses Neil’s illustrious career, his insights into the ground game, and reflections on BJJ, encapsulating the essence of the podcast – a confluence of minds united by a profound love for martial arts​​.

raspberry ape podcast by daniel strauss

Here is one of his podcasts in action:

That’s all for now on Daniel Strauss aka the Raspberry Ape

Daniel Strauss, known affectionately as ‘The Raspberry Ape’, embodies the spirit of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in every facet of his life. From his early days at St Albans Boys School to his rigorous training under Roger Gracie, his journey reflects a relentless pursuit of mastery. Whether facing adversaries in global arenas or nurturing the next wave of BJJ training through his meticulously crafted courses at Ape Academy, Daniel’s story is a testament to the transformative power of martial arts. Through ups and downs, his enduring passion and unyielding resolve continue to inspire, forging a legacy that transcends the mats and resonates across the BJJ community.

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How old is Daniel Strauss BJJ UK

Daniel Strauss was born in 1990 so he is 33 years old.

How tall is Daniel Strauss

Daniel Strauss is 5 ft 10.

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