Grip Training For BJJ: Get The Gorilla Grip
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Grip Training for BJJ: Get The Gorilla Grip

BJJ is a martial art that emphasizes the use of leverage, submissions, and control in grappling. If you want true grip strength, get yourself a grip trainer from Amazon.

The success of BJJ practitioners relies heavily on their ability to grip and control their opponent. This makes grip strength an essential aspect of training for BJJ practitioners of all levels.

Why Grip Strength Matters in BJJ

In BJJ, grip strength is crucial for the following reasons:

Control Over the Opponent: A strong grip allows practitioners to control their opponent and set up submissions. A weak grip, on the other hand, can result in lost positions and missed opportunities.

Reduced Risk of Injury: Improving grip strength can reduce the risk of injury to the hands, wrists, and arms during grappling. For example, If you look at athletes like Gordon Ryan, they have grip training routines they fit between regular training sessions.

Improved Endurance: A strong grip can help improve endurance during training and competition, allowing practitioners to maintain control longer.

The Benefits of Training Your Grip

Training your grip can provide a range of benefits, including:

Improved Performance: By improving grip strength, practitioners can perform BJJ techniques more effectively.

Increased Strength and Control: A strong grip can improve overall strength and control, leading to better results on the mat.

The Importance of Using the Right Equipment

To achieve the best results in grip training, it’s important to use the right equipment. A power grip product, such as the one mentioned earlier, can be a valuable tool for anyone looking to improve their grip strength. Made with high-quality materials and designed for maximum effectiveness, this product can help practitioners of all levels achieve their grip strength goals.

The Durability and Quality of the Power Grip Product

In the world of grip training, finding the right equipment is crucial to success. The power grip product available on Amazon is a product that stands out for its build quality and durability.

a picture of the powergripper for grip training for bjj

High-Quality Materials

The power gripper from Amazon is made with top-notch materials, including metal for the spring and handles, and rubber for extra protection. The weight of the grippers helps prevent slipping and the small serrations on the grips ensure a secure grip even when the hands are sweaty.

Durability and Ease of Maintenance

Due to its all-metal construction, the power grip product is both durable and easy to maintain, reducing the need for frequent washing and cleaning.

Justified Price

The high build quality of the power grip product is reflected in its price, which is justified for those looking for a long-lasting and effective training tool. With proper usage, it would be difficult to cause significant damage to the product. The most likely scenario would be scuffing the paint on the handles.

Hand Comfort

While the product provides excellent grip, the small serrations on the grips can cause discomfort, particularly when gripping tightly. This can result in sore skin and the development of callouses.

Overall, the power grip product available on Amazon is a high-quality and durable training tool for those looking to improve their grip strength. Its build quality, ease of maintenance, and secure grip make it a valuable addition to any grip training program.

a man holding the powergripper for bjj grip training


Grip strength is essential for success in BJJ. By training your grip and using the right equipment, practitioners can improve their performance on the mat, reduce the risk of injury, and achieve their goals in this challenging and rewarding martial art.

Frequently Asked Questions about Grip Training for BJJ

Why is grip training important for BJJ?

Grip training is important for BJJ as it helps improve one’s overall grappling ability and control on the mat. A strong grip can enhance a fighter’s ability to control and submit opponents, as well as improve their own posture and defense.

What are some common grip training exercises for BJJ?

Common grip training exercises for BJJ include grip strength exercises with hand grippers, pull-ups, and finger strength exercises. Additionally, incorporating grip-specific drills in BJJ sparring can also help improve grip strength and dexterity.

How often should grip training be incorporated into a BJJ training regimen?

Grip training can be incorporated into a BJJ training regimen 2-3 times a week, depending on the individual’s goals and training schedule. It’s important to give the hands adequate rest in between grip training sessions to avoid overuse injury.

Is grip training only for advanced BJJ practitioners?

No, grip training is beneficial for BJJ practitioners at all levels, from beginners to advanced fighters. Incorporating grip training into one’s training regimen can improve overall grappling ability and performance, regardless of skill level.

How can grip training enhance a BJJ fighter’s game?

Grip training can enhance a BJJ fighter’s game by improving their control on the mat, allowing for better submission and sweep attempts, as well as improved posture and defense. A strong grip can also give a fighter a psychological edge, as a dominant grip can intimidate opponents.

Are hand grippers the only equipment needed for grip training in BJJ?

No, hand grippers are just one type of equipment that can be used for grip training in BJJ. Other equipment, such as pull-up bars, hanging rings, and finger strengtheners, can also be incorporated into a grip training regimen for a more well-rounded and effective program.

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