Jiu Jitsu Dummy: Can They Help You Get Better At BJJ
jiu jitsu dummy pulling guard

Jiu Jitsu Dummy: Can They Help you get Better at BJJ

Don’t compare a Jiu Jitsu Dummy to a sex doll, they might be similar but their use cases are worlds apart. Getting a Jiu Jitsu Dummy can really help you enhance your solo training resulting in you mastering techniques.

Let’s look at all of the benefits of purchasing a dummy to practice BJJ at home. Notice the second J in BJJ, there will be no further innuendos from here on out.

Disclaimer, you can get this dummy on Amazon and I am going to share a link. I have one personally and I use it a lot. Not only is it a great training buddy but it also makes for a good netflix and chill companion. They are especially quiet too so you won’t be interrupted. Anyway, I digress, let’s jump back into it.

jiu jitsu dummy waiting to pull guard

Jiu Jitsu Dummy – What Can you do with it

You may be wondering, if you purchase this dummy, what can you do with it? Well, There are a couple of variations of BJJ dummies you can buy. You can buy one that is in a seated position, one in a flipped turtle position, and one just in a typical lying position. I have the one which is reverse turtle so I will discuss that in most detail.

So, what can you do with it? Here is a list of a few moves I use mine for:

  1. Drilling the Basics: Whether you’re working on your armbar setups or perfecting your triangle chokes, the Jiu Jitsu Dummy is your ideal partner for practicing the fundamental techniques. With its lifelike weight and feel, it’s like having a real opponent by your side.
  2. Sweeps and Reversals: One of the great advantages of the dummy is that it allows you to work on your sweeps and reversals from various positions. You can practice your scissor sweeps, butterfly sweeps, and even your De La Riva sweeps without the need for a live partner.
  3. Submissions Galore: If you’re aiming to sharpen your submission game, the dummy is your best friend. You can fine-tune your kimura locks, guillotines, and omoplata submissions without worrying about accidentally hurting your training partner.
  4. Ground and Pound Training: For those interested in MMA or self-defense, the Jiu Jitsu Dummy is versatile. You can practice your ground and pound techniques, simulate ground control, and work on your positional awareness.
  5. Takedown Drills: Don’t just limit yourself to ground techniques; you can also use the dummy to work on your takedowns. Practice your double-leg and single-leg takedowns, as well as judo throws, to develop a well-rounded game. I also enjoy throwing in a couple of suplexes to hit the WWE nostalgia.

I gave this Jiu Jitsu Dummy a run for its money, my friend. I’m talking arm bars, triangle chokes, angle locks, sweeps, elbows, hammer fists, and yes, even cuddles. Frank, my trusty dummy, is still at 100%. It’s safe to say, Frank and I have a love-hate relationship, but he’s always up for another round of me showing him who’s boss on the mat.

What do you stuff the Jiu Jitsu Dummy with?

Stuffing a Jiu Jitsu Dummy properly is essential to ensure it has the right weight and feel for effective training. When it comes to filling your Jiu Jitsu Dummy, there are a few options you can consider:

  1. Old Clothing: Recycling old clothes is a popular choice. You can use worn-out t-shirts, jeans, or any other soft garments you no longer need. Just make sure to pack them tightly to create a firm structure inside the dummy.
  2. Fabric and Textile Material: Some prefer using fabric scraps or textile material like cotton, foam, or polyester filling. These materials provide consistent density and are easy to shape to your desired firmness.
  3. Sand or Shredded Material: For added weight and stability, you can mix in materials like sand or shredded foam. Be cautious with sand as it can settle and make the dummy harder over time, so ensure it’s properly sealed within bags or compartments.
  4. Combination of Materials: Many practitioners opt for a combination of materials to strike the right balance between weight and flexibility. For instance, using a base of old clothing and adding some foam or sand can provide a lifelike feel while maintaining stability.
  5. Commercial Dummy Filling: Some companies offer specialized filling materials designed specifically for Jiu Jitsu Dummies. These can be more expensive but may provide a consistent and long-lasting option.
jiu jitsu dummy waiting to pull guard

Stuff your Jiu Jitss dummy for comfort

Remember that the key is to adjust the filling according to your preferences.

You can make your dummy firmer or softer by adding or removing filling until it feels just right for your training needs.

Make sure to distribute the stuffing evenly throughout the dummy to maintain a uniform density. With the right filling, your Jiu Jitsu Dummy will be ready to help you master those techniques.

I’ve stuffed my Jiu Jitsu Dummy with a combination of materials to give it that perfect balance between weight and flexibility.

In addition to old clothes and some foam, I couldn’t resist throwing in a bunch of marshmallows. Yep, you heard that right, marshmallows.

It’s like having a sweet training partner who’s always up for a roll on the mat. Just remember, no snacking mid-session, or you might end up with a sticky situation!

Vinyl might not be the best material for a BJJ dummy

However, Vinyl, my friend, might not be the top choice for crafting your Jiu Jitsu training dummy. While it’s a durable and easy-to-clean material, it lacks the flexibility and density needed for an effective training partner.

You see, when you’re grappling and working on your techniques, you want your dummy to feel as close to a real opponent as possible. Vinyl tends to be too rigid, which can limit your ability to practice moves and transitions smoothly.

So which material is recommended

I’d recommend going for one that is made of canvas or synthetic leather for your dummy’s outer covering. These materials offer a good balance between durability and flexibility, ensuring a more realistic training experience. So, steer clear of vinyl and go for something that will help you elevate your Jiu Jitsu game.

That being said, mine is vinyl, but my next one will be a synthetic leather. I have linked my one below.

In Conclusion: Why You Need a Jiu Jitsu Dummy

So, there you have it, my fellow BJJ enthusiasts. If you’re serious about taking your Brazilian Jiu Jitsu game to the next level, a Jiu Jitsu Dummy is more than just a training aid – it’s your partner in progress.

Don’t compare it to anything else, because this dummy is your dedicated companion for mastering arm bars, triangle chokes, angle locks, sweeps, elbows, hammer fists, and yes, even cuddles. Frank, my trusty training partner, is still at 100%, and that’s the kind of reliability you want in a practice buddy.

Whether you’re drilling the basics, perfecting your submissions, working on your sweeps, or even cuddling up for some Netflix and chill (it happens, we won’t judge), the Jiu Jitsu Dummy has got your back. And don’t forget, it’s a quiet partner, so you won’t be interrupted in your training sessions or your chill time.

So, what are you waiting for? Click on the link I’m sharing to grab your Jiu Jitsu Dummy on Amazon and start taking your skills to new heights. It’s not just a dummy; it’s your ticket to becoming a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu master in the comfort of your own home. Get ready to roll, submit, and cuddle your way to BJJ greatness!

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