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[Review] BJJ Grappling Dummy – Don’t BJJ your Dog

In the world of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) and mixed martial arts (MMA), practice makes perfect. But what if you don’t have a training partner available? Enter the BJJ Grappling Dummy – your new grappling buddy, designed to help you hone your skills without causing harm to others.

You may have seen that popular YouTube video of the BJJ instructor practicing techniques on his English Bulldog. Don’t get too many ideas, his dog is a trained professional. Not all dogs are suitable as BJJ training partners.

Why Choose the BJJ Grappling Dummy?

You need a BJJ grappling dummy from Amazon if you are using your dog to practice. Dogs are for love, not for BJJ practice.

1. Realistic Training Experience:

The human-shaped design of the BJJ Practice Dummy offers a lifelike grappling experience. Whether you’re practicing BJJ, MMA, Judo, Karate, Jiujitsu, Boxing, Wrestling, or any other martial art, this dummy provides the perfect partner. Say goodbye to accidental injuries and hello to focused, productive training sessions.

2. BJJ Grappling Dummy Built to Last:

Crafted with premium quality canvas, this training dummy is designed for durability. Whether you’re practicing throws, punches, or submission holds, you can trust that this dummy will withstand the pressure.

You can really feel the quality of the material used in the dummy, It is made of a high-quality PC (polycarbonate). PC is a thermoplastic which gives it a soft feel and makes it extra durable.

3. Safety is Paramount:

Safety should never be compromised, especially during intense training sessions. That’s why the Grappling Dummy comes with a protective zip cover. This feature ensures that you can practice without any distractions or worries about potential harm.

This safety cover means you can train without worrying of cutting yourself on the sharp zip edges. Quite frankly, having a dummy to practice some solo training is incredibly beneficial to any BJJ hobbyist.

4. Customizable Weight and Density:

The BJJ Grappling Dummy arrives unfilled, allowing you to tailor its weight and density to your specific needs. Fill it with polyester, foam, fabric, shredded textiles, pillows, cloth, used blankets, or towels. Whether you prefer a lighter dummy for speed drills or a heavier one for strength training, the choice is yours.

yellow bjj training dummy


Training in martial arts requires dedication, patience, and consistent practice. With the BJJ Jiu Jitsu Dummy, you can ensure that your training sessions are effective and safe. Whether you’re a beginner looking to learn the basics or a seasoned pro aiming to perfect your techniques, this dummy is the ideal training tool for you.

So, why wait? Enhance your grappling and wrestling skills with the BJJ Practice Dummy and take your training to the next level. Your future self will thank you. You can find the BJJ Training Dummy on Amazon along with a nice new BJJ Gi.

It is worth noting that this dummy comes unstuffed.

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