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RNC: The Best BJJ Technique for Real World Scenarios

Imagine you’re walking home late at night when suddenly someone tries to grab you. In such a situation, having a reliable self-defense technique could make all the difference. In Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ), one technique stands out for its practicality and effectiveness in real-world scenarios: the Rear Naked Choke (RNC).

The Rear Naked Choke is often hailed as one of the most effective BJJ techniques for several reasons. Here’s why it is so highly regarded:

Effectiveness and Simplicity

The RNC is relatively straightforward to learn and execute. It involves positioning yourself behind the attacker, wrapping your arm around their neck, and applying pressure to cut off blood flow to the brain, leading to a quick submission. According to a study published in the Journal of Applied Physiology, chokeholds like the RNC can render an opponent unconscious within seconds if applied correctly.

Control and Safety

Unlike strikes, which can cause significant injury, the RNC allows you to subdue an attacker without inflicting permanent harm. This aspect is crucial in situations where excessive force may not be warranted or could lead to legal repercussions. The technique focuses on control, enabling you to neutralize the threat effectively.

High Success Rate

The RNC is effective regardless of the size and strength difference between you and the attacker. Leverage and technique play a crucial role, making it accessible for practitioners of all sizes. The technique’s high success rate is evident from its frequent use in mixed martial arts (MMA) competitions, where it remains a go-to move for many fighters.

Real-World Applicability

In real-world altercations, fights often end up in close quarters or on the ground. The RNC is designed for such situations. Law enforcement and military personnel are trained in this technique due to its effectiveness in subduing suspects safely and efficiently. A survey conducted among law enforcement officers showed that techniques like the RNC are preferred for their reliability and control.

Psychological Advantage

Knowing you have a dependable technique like the RNC in your arsenal can boost your confidence and reduce anxiety in potentially dangerous situations. This psychological edge can be crucial in self-defense, as staying calm and focused often determines the outcome of an encounter.

Supporting Evidence

  • Journal of Applied Physiology: This study highlights the physiological impact of chokeholds and their efficiency in achieving rapid submissions.
  • Law Enforcement Surveys: These surveys emphasize the preference for the RNC among officers for its control and safety.

In conclusion, the Rear Naked Choke is widely regarded as one of the most effective BJJ techniques for real-world self-defense. Its combination of simplicity, control, and high success rate makes it a valuable skill for anyone looking to enhance their self-defense capabilities.

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