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Shrooms at ADCC open

Shrooms at ADCC Open | Reddit BJJ Stories

At the Adcc open, following my third-round defeat, I hastily left the mats and sought the mushrooms my companion had, along with four tabs of acid he’d found that day. My dose was nearly 4 grams, leading to a remarkable trip, and here are the key insights:

The emerging athletes remind me strikingly of the introverted geniuses from advanced high school classes. They avoided eye contact, huddled together, and brought peculiar snacks. Despite their formidable abilities, I found myself with a playful urge to tease them. A teammate praised a younger athlete for a Z lock maneuver. The athlete’s response was a quick, mumbled “thanks,” followed by a loud bite into a beef snack.

Big Dan, shoeless throughout, had feet as dark as his unexpressed emotions. His discomfort with praise was evident. At one point, our eyes met, and I blurted out, “you’re not that big,” which seemed to perplex him, likely due to my dilated pupils.

Oliver Taza sat alone in the bleachers, appearing somewhat forlorn, when he wasn’t competing.

Dorian, the wrestler from the B team, was there with his parents. His father, also his coach, was the epitome of a fiercely dedicated sports dad, giving constant directions and celebrating his son’s victories with great fervor. The intense atmosphere suggested high expectations and a strict regime.

Andy Verela arrived with his LXB entourage, drawing a crowd. The LXB youngsters showed off with backflips and chest-pounding after their victories, to the delight of their parents, many of whom sported LXB caps and camo shorts.

Overall, watching the competition while on shrooms was a unique experience. My final thought is that a mix of distinctive personalities and supportive parenting seems to forge excellent martial artists.

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Shrooms at ADCC open

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