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The 5 Best Fights for Paddy The Baddy 2023

Paddy The Baddy Pimblett, one of the most promising young fighters in MMA, has recently improved his record to 4-0 in the UFC’s Octagon. While this might indicate that he is ready for a step up in competition, it may not be that straightforward.

Fight against Jared Gordon

Paddy the Baddy Pimblett, who is from Liverpool and 27 years old, recently fought in the co-main event of UFC 282 against Jared Gordon from New Jersey. The fight took place in Las Vegas and Pimblett came out as the winner via a unanimous decision, however, the verdict was highly controversial. Social media was filled with comments calling it a “robbery,” and while that word is often overused in MMA, many believe it applies to this fight.

Gordon appeared to have outfought Pimblett in the three rounds of the fight, which was supported by the statistics. This leads to the question of whether Pimblett is ready to compete with the top dogs in the lightweight division. The UFC matchmakers now face two options: to continue building him up slowly and risk accusations of protected matchmaking or to throw him into tough competition and risk losing a valuable pay-per-view attraction.

Potential Opponents for Paddy the Baddy

Given the situation, here are five potential opponents for Pimblett’s next fight:

Jared Gordon vs Paddy the Baddy

As mentioned, Gordon was the more successful fighter in their previous bout, and a rematch could provide an opportunity for both fighters to prove themselves. This option may not be favorable for the UFC as they may want to move on from the controversial fight as soon as possible.

Jared Gordon vs paddy pimblet, jason posing shirtless

Ilia Topuria vs Paddy the Baddy

Pimblett and Topuria have been trading trash talk since Pimblett joined the UFC, and both were in action at UFC 282. Topuria submitted the previously undefeated Bryce Mitchell on the main card, while Pimblett beat Gordon in the co-main event. A grudge match between the two rising stars would be a high-interest fight, but it may not make sense from a rankings perspective as Pimblett is not currently ranked in the lightweight division and Topuria is already ranked as the No. 14 featherweight.

Ilia Topuria in the octagon, bloodied face after winning a match

Renato Moicano vs Paddy the Baddy

Moicano, who previously fought in the featherweight division, has been successful in the lightweight division with a 4-2 record in six fights. He has also gained popularity with fans after a fiery post-fight speech following his recent win over Brad Riddell. A fight against Moicano would be a challenging but significant test for Pimblett, as a win would likely boost him up the lightweight rankings.

Renato Moicano vs Paddy the baddy

Grant Dawson vs Paddy the Baddy

Dawson is one of the most promising prospects in the lightweight division with a 19-1-1 record and seven wins in the UFC. He recently defeated Jared Gordon, making him a potential option for Pimblett. Although Dawson may be more deserving of a ranked opponent, he would likely take the opportunity to challenge Paddy the Baddy.

This is another tough fight for Paddy the Baddy Pimblett, but it’s the kind of test he will need to pass if he hopes to assert himself as a legitimate contender. With his impressive record and popularity, Dawson would be a worthy opponent for Pimblett’s next fight.

Grant Dawson vs Paddy the baddy

Clay Guida

The UFC may also choose to stick to the current plan for Pimblett and provide him with another unranked opponent. Clay Guida, who is a veteran in the UFC, could be a suitable choice. Guida is known for his relentless style and could provide a difficult test for Pimblett.

Clay Guida vs paddy the baddy

Final Thoughts for Paddy the Baddy’s next opponent

In conclusion, the UFC has several options for Pimblett’s next fight, ranging from a rematch against Jared Gordon to a grudge match against Ilia Topuria. The UFC must weigh the potential risks and rewards of each option as they look to further develop Pimblett’s career.

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