A-Z List Of Every BJJ Gi Brands | Gi Brands You Must Know 2023
BJJ Gi Brands 2023

A-Z List of Every BJJ Gi Brands | Gi Brands You Must Know 2023

Here is an A-Z list of some of the best BJJ Gi Brands available right now!

Without further ado, let’s jump right into it.

93 Brand Jiu Jitsu (#)

Based in New York, 93 Brand was inspired by the historic victory of Royce Gracie in the 1993 UFC championship, showcasing the effectiveness of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. 

93 Brand Jiu Jitsu gi

The brand has a dedicated team and offers a range of BJJ gis and gear, noted for its Hooks V5 gi. This gi features a 425 GSM pearl weave jacket and 8 oz twill cotton pants, and the brand stands out for its generous returns policy, allowing for returns within 60 days after use ​1​.

Albino & Preto (A)

Spearheaded by “Bear” from Shoyoroll, Albino & Preto has garnered attention for their stylish gis, which often sell out quickly. 

They share aesthetic roots with the original Lucky gis, featuring contrast colors and clean design. While details on their production methods are speculative, the brand is known for its association with high-quality and high demand ​2​​3​.

albino and preto bjj gi

Atama BJJ Gi Brand (A)

A brand with Japanese roots, Atama has been a staple in the BJJ community since 1989, offering gis that balance comfort, durability, and a minimalist design philosophy. 

Their Ultra Light Kimono is praised for its lightness and quick-drying capabilities, making it suitable for hot weather and competition. Meanwhile, their Mundial Model #9 gi is known for its Carioca weave material, designed for comfort and to withstand intense use​ 4​.

atama bjj gi brand 2023

Break Point FC (B)

Known for their flamboyant and distinctive designs, Break Point FC has been producing BJJ gis since 2007. 

They are a brand that signifies their involvement in the community not only by their support of the Texas BJJ scene but also through their contributions to environmental causes. Break Point FC designs gis like the RVRSL and Acai, which are known for their ‘blinged out’ aesthetic ​6​.

Break Point FC bjj gi brand

CTRL Industries BJJ Gi (C)

A relatively new company in the BJJ scene, CTRL Industries is noted for its clean design philosophy and comfortable gear. 

The owners, Blayne and Billy, have a passion for BJJ and have released popular products like the Carioca gi. They are known for their engagement with customers and have a humorous approach to design, purposefully avoiding overly dramatic designs like dragons and skulls on their gis ​7​.

ctrl industries bjj gi

Da Firma Kimono Company (D)

Da Firma Kimono Company distinguishes itself as a brand that has quickly made a mark with nice-looking, well-made gear at an affordable price. 

Their pre-order to delivery process is efficient, taking around six weeks, with frequent updates provided on social media. The gi’s design is clean with red contrast stitching and trim, offering a straightforward aesthetic that works well for competition and seminars. 

Construction-wise, it features a standard lighter weight pearl weave, a classic foam-filled collar, and ripstop cotton pants with a pearl weave gusset. The brand has paid attention to details like seam tape quality to prevent discomfort during training ​1​.

Elite Sports BJJ Gi (E)

Elite Sports offers a Jiu-Jitsu Gi with excellent craftsmanship and comfort, standing out for its durability and pre-shrunk fabric, which holds its fit after multiple washes. 

The gi is designed with lightweight material for better breathability and flexibility, aiming to improve performance during training. 

Elit Sports gis, appreciated for a minimal yet elegant design, are regarded as a great value for money and suitable for both training and competition, making them a recommendation for BJJ enthusiasts at all levels​ 2.

elite sports bjj gi

Fuji BJJ Gi (F)

FUJI Sports, in collaboration with Hatashita Sports and founded by Frank Hatashita, provides high-quality BJJ gis with a minimal design at an accessible price point. 

The brand’s FUJI Suparaito gi is known for being super lightweight, fitting, and pre-shrunk to minimize shrinkage, which is ideal for hot weather training and serious competition. The Suparaito’s design allows for comfortable movement, although some users have noted that the pants can be a bit baggy. 

FUJI’s commitment to durability and competition readiness, along with stylish design touches, makes its gis a solid choice for practitioners 3.

Gold BJJ Gi (G)

Gold BJJ was established in 2016 by Cole and Dave with a commitment to producing high-quality Jiu-Jitsu gear. 

Located in San Diego, California, they offer a range of products developed through their dedication to the sport and the Jiu-Jitsu community. The brand prides itself on reliable fulfillment, claiming that over 99% of orders ship within one business day from their own warehouse. 

Gold BJJ stands out not only for their product quality but also for their community support, offering discounts to military, law enforcement, and first responders and participating in community service like donating gear and holding self-defense seminars​ 1.

Hayabusa BJJ Gi (H)

Hayabusa, named after the Japanese word for the Peregrine Falcon, is recognized for high-performance BJJ gear and embodies qualities like speed, power, and precision akin to the falcon. 

Founded by Luke Harris, a Judo and BJJ black belt, the brand has earned a reputation for high-caliber fightwear. 

They offer a range from lightweight to heavyweight gis, focusing on durability suitable for competition, with features like reinforced stress areas and pre-washed material to prevent shrinkage. 

The lightweight gi, in particular, offers an excellent fit and unrestricted movement, combining function and style at an affordable price and meeting IBJJF compliance 1.

hayabusa bjj gi brand

Inverted Gear (I)

Inverted Gear, founded in 2012, is recognized for its playful yet solid gis, identifiable by their unique panda logo. 

They offer gis that are suitable for summer weather, made with lightweight material that remains comfortable even in hot temperatures. The brand strikes a balance between price, comfort, and quality, avoiding the high costs associated with premium brands while maintaining a strong commitment to product quality. 

Their Panda 3.0 gi is a perfect example of their dedication to design and functionality, featuring ripstop pants, a mouthpiece/ID pocket, and custom embroidered logos. The gi’s build quality includes a 550 gram Pearl Weave fabric jacket and 12 oz ripstop weave fabric pants, designed with ample reinforcement for durability 4​.

Jiu Jitsu Brotherhood BJJ Gi Brands (J)

The Jiu Jitsu Brotherhood was created with the vision of fostering unity within the jiu-jitsu community, emphasizing community, self-reflexivity, and open-mindedness. 

Their approach is holistic, aiming to improve and refine training methods by staying flexible and open to different perspectives. 

Their logo, featuring the ouroboros, symbolizes the continual process of renewal inherent in the practice of jiu-jitsu and the martial artist’s journey of self-discovery​ 5.

jiu jitsu brotherhood bjj gi brands

Kingz Kimonos (K)

Kingz Kimonos stakes its reputation on providing BJJ practitioners with gis that are both comfortable and durable. 

Their products are made from high-quality materials that withstand the rigors of grappling without compromising on style or affordability. Kingz offers a variety of gis in different colors to suit individual styles and preferences. 

The brand’s commitment to quality ensures that their gis remain intact wash after wash, saving competitors the hassle of frequent replacements and giving them confidence on the mat 7.

Lanky Fight Gear (L)

Lanky Fight Gear stands out in the BJJ gi brands market for catering specifically to the needs of taller and slimmer practitioners, offering much-appreciated “L” sizes. 

Their flagship gi, the Lanky FG Pro 550 V1, was the first they offered, emphasizing a good fit for lanky individuals with a high-quality make. The design features cursive branding and an octopus logo, with ripstop reinforcements enhancing durability. 

The jacket is made from 550 GSM pearl weave fabric, known for its resilience, and is complemented by ripstop pants that are designed to be comfortable and well-fitting for taller athletes. The focus on fit and design detail makes it a favorite for those with a lanky build​ 1.

Moya Brand Co BJJ Gi Brands (M)

Moya Brand Co stands out in the BJJ gi brands market for its dedication to quality and innovation. They are committed to enhancing athletic performance, focusing on durability and design. 

Their Jiu-Jitsu gis are known for being built to last, suitable for rigorous training and intense competitions. The brand prides itself on its innovative approach to BJJ trends, offering a wide selection of pants, belts, and patches to complement their gis ​2.

Newaza BJJ Gi Brands (N)

Newaza positions itself uniquely with designs intended to make a bold statement on the mat. 

Their Galaxy 2.0 Gi, for example, is crafted to enhance performance, combining a sturdy yet light jacket with lightweight ripstop pants. 

The limited-run Rokujo Gi symbolizes the legend it’s named after, boasting Newaza branding and a lightweight pearls weave that emphasizes mobility and comfort 4.

Onda BJJ Gi Brands (O)

ONDA is another BJJ Gi brand that resonates with the BJJ community through its quality gis and custom gear. 

Inspired by beautiful beaches and locations worldwide, ONDA offers a range of BJJ gear that includes custom options for teams and schools, allowing practitioners to express their individuality while increasing brand awareness for their affiliated BJJ clubs or schools 6. As seen on r bjj.

Origin BJJ Gi Brands (O)

Origin has garnered respect for its premium, American-made BJJ gis. Known for excellent craftsmanship, Origin gis come at a premium price but are praised for their performance and quality. 

Their commitment to their American workforce is as strong as their commitment to the BJJ community, providing a living wage and contributing to the local economy in Maine 9.

Platinum Jiu Jitsu Bjj Gi Brands (P)

Platinum Jiu Jitsu offers a range of gis that are not just pieces of apparel but collectibles. With their limited edition approach, each gi comes with a custom serial number to ensure authenticity, never to be reproduced once sold out. 

The BJJ gi brand’s creative flair is evident in the unique motifs and design elements such as the Hawaii-inspired ‘808’ on the shoulders, pointing to a connection with specific cultures and locations​ 1.

Red Journey BJJ Gi Brand (R)

Red Journey is a BJJ Gi brand that pays homage to the foundations of Jiu Jitsu while supporting each practitioner’s personal journey in the martial art. Their Air-Lite Gis and combat-themed Crusader volume are designed for both aesthetics and performance, with details like built-in sublimated rash guards and reinforced paneling for strength. They offer high-quality gear at affordable prices, aiming to respect the legacy of the sport’s origins while servicing the community’s needs 2.

Storm Kimonos BJJ Gi Brand (S)

Storm Kimonos has been a reputable name in BJJ since 1996, manufacturing some of the world’s finest gis. Their products are worn by top athletes and praised for their quality and innovation. The Storm T2 Gi is an example of their evolution in design, offering a lightweight yet battle-ready option for training and competition. Storm also produces limited edition gis like the Storm Pure Mission with reinforced Japanese weave fabric and responsive structure tailored pants, emphasizing comfort and durability 4.

Tatami Fightwear BJJ Gi Brand (T)

Tatami Fightwear is recognized for providing a vast selection of BJJ clothing and equipment suitable for all levels and ages. The brand’s Nova Absolute gi represents their commitment to offering a complete gi experience, balancing strength, durability, and lightness, with a design approved for competition. Tatami Fightwear is also known for The Original 2.0 BJJ Gi, which features a simple and sophisticated look with high-quality weave and cotton 8.

Valor Fightwear BJJ Gi Brand (V)

Valor Fightwear is known for producing premium and exclusive BJJ gis and fightwear in the UK and Europe. They offer a range of gis like the Valor Bravura and Valor Valente, which are celebrated for their lightweight, comfort, and durability. Valor Fightwear products feature high-quality pearl weave cotton with reinforced stitching, catering to the needs of both individual practitioners and academies by providing custom fightwear options ​3.


XMARTIAL, established in 2016, has transformed from a mere passion project into a prominent community sensation in the martial arts world. As former combat athletes, the team at XMARTIAL have reinvented themselves as gear experts, focusing on creating equipment that combines cutting-edge technology for comfort and strength with visually striking designs.

a-z list of every bjj gi brand xmartial prime bjj gi white

Their products are not just about functionality; they are crafted to embody the spirit of a warrior through their fresh, innovative designs. XMARTIAL’s commitment to the martial arts community extends beyond mere business, as they actively sponsor athletes and contribute to the global spread of martial arts, making their mark as a brand that understands and passionately supports the fighter’s journey​​.

A-Z BJJ Gi Brand Conclusion

These are some of the top BJJ Gi Brands of 2023. If you feel we have missed one of your favourites, don’t hesitate to get in touch and let us know all about it. We are waiting for the U, V, W, Y, Z brands!

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