How To Do The BJJ Loop Choke | Full Technique

How To Do The BJJ Loop Choke | Full Technique

How to Loop Choke in BJJ

This summary outlines a tutorial on executing a BJJ loop choke in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, as requested by Doug:

  1. Starting Position: Begin from an open guard position, on the knees.
  2. Grip: Establish a cross-collar grip on your opponent’s gi. The grip should be loose enough to allow your hand to move around the opponent’s neck.
  3. Execution: Push your opponent slightly to encourage them to push back. As they do, pull them in, cup their head, and loop your grip all the way around their neck. Your hand should slide through as you flex your wrist.
  4. Choke Mechanics: The choke should be applied across the soft side of the neck, over the carotid arteries, not on the windpipe. Flexing the wrist while applying the choke is crucial. The goal is to apply pressure on the carotids for an effective choke rather than on the trachea, which can be dangerous.
  5. Variation from Full Guard: The loop choke can also be executed from a full guard position. Pull the opponent in, establish the grip, make an angle, and apply the choke similarly.
  6. Common Mistakes: A frequent error in performing this choke is applying pressure on the trachea (windpipe) instead of the carotids. This is not only less effective but also risky.
  7. Overall Strategy: The loop choke is not just an effective submission but can also be used to set up sweeps and other maneuvers.

This tutorial emphasizes the importance of correct grip, wrist flexion, and accurate placement of the choke for effectiveness and safety in BJJ.

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